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The Life of a Puppy

This morning, I woke up & kissed my dad's head.
I peed on the carpet, then went back to bed.
"The life of a puppy, oh my, this is great."
Then I thought about breakfast," I hope it's not late."

Mom took me outside, we walked for a while.
This never fails to make Mama smile.
I sniffed of everything, that we did pass,
I ate something weird - it gave me gas.

I'm sure God loves me, I know that is true.
He gave me so many great things to chew.
Rugs, plants or rocks, I really don't care.
What I truly like best, is Dad's underwear.

That obedience book, was sort of yummy.
Though it didn't sit well on my poor puppy tummy.
I threw up a bit, but that was all right,
When Mom found it later, I was well out of sight.

I made streamers of T. P., while running at full speed.
Mom is pretty quick -- but I was still in the lead.
I flew under the bed, and Mom flew past,
She stopped-shook her head, and breathed,
"You're too fast."

Mama later phoned Daddy, and said, "It was frightening!"
That afternoon, she was sure I'd pooped lightning.
She'd sat at the computer, while I chewed the cord,
She thought I was mad, but I was just bored.

When Mama had enough, couldn't take anymore,
That's when my tushy got shoved out the door.
I love it inside, but outside is best.
Lay in the cool grass, and had a good rest.

That didn't last long, there was too much to do--
Can't quite remember where I hid Daddy's shoe.
I found an old bone, and scratched at a flea,
I watched the dumb squirrels as they jumped in a tree.

I barked at the kids, when they got off the bus.
I can't figure out why this makes Mama fuss.
I barked at the neighbor, I barked at the wind.
I barked and barked, till Mom yelled, "COME IN."

The sun dipped in the west-soon Daddy would come!
I sure love my daddy: we always have fun.
I barked at my daddy, then turned on my charms,
I woo-wooed, "Hello," then jumped in his arms.

Sitting under the table -- it's sooo hard to wait.
Daddy slipped me a goodie right off his plate.
I raced through the house, and scattered my toys,
Ricocheted off the furniture, and made lots of noise.

Mom found her purse - the one I abused.
Daddy let loose a chuckle. Mom asked "Amused??"
I cowered down low, I must be in trouble.
Dad said, "Wasn't MY boy, it must be his double!"

Mom turned off the TV, and said,"Time for bed."
Dad said "Let's go boy," and patted my head.
I got in my spot, between Mom and Dad,
I thought 'bout my day and what fun I had.

Mama kicked out my bone from the covers below,
Then let loose a sigh -- a sigh deep and low.
She gave me a kiss, and snuggled me tight,
And whispered so softly, 'My darling goodnight'.



Border Collie Puppy

Parvaid & Vibactra Plus works great to get your puppy up and playing again!

Download the Parvo Self-Help Guide Below.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.

Parvo Self-Help Guide



PARVAID is an all natural holistic herbal remedy which may help your puppy overcome the deadly canine Parvo Virus.  Parvaid is also an excellent natural remedy to help dogs fight parvo, distemper, campylobacter, corona virus, e-coli, giardia, vomiting, and diarrhea.  Parvaid's all natural herbal nutraceutical formula contains mentha piperta, spearmint, chamomile, plantain, echinacea, oregon grape, rose hips, garlic, goldenseal, hibiscus flowers, yarrow, alcohol, and distilled water.  Parvaid's herbs help ease vomiting and diarrhea, calm the stomach, coat and soothe the digestive tract, stop the bleeding, support and strengthen the immune system, and have mild antiviral properties.  Parvaid is to be used in conjunction with pedialyte orally and depending on symptoms via enema. Product shelf life is 4 years, longer if kept in a cool dark place.

Used according to directions, Parvaid helped heal a litter of parvo puppies we administered the Parvaid to at home in May of 2001.  Closest vet to us wanted $4800 to $7200 for IV treatment.  Vet advised his success rate was 80/20.  Our success rate for our own 5 pups Parvaid helped heal was 100% and required no IV treatment or Sub Q fluids.  Please note, the Parvaid people advise of an 85% success rate.

Parvaid can be used as a preventative, as soon as you know a dog has been exposed to canine parvo virus, dosed 2-15 drops, based on puppy weight, 4x/day for 5 days, can help prevent the puppy from coming down with parvo.  It is best to use Vibactra Plus 2x/day for 5 days as well.  This helped 2 of our 5 parvo puppies, NOT come down with any parvo symptoms, even though all 5 were penned together and the other 3 came down with all the symptoms.  Caught early, our worst pup took 2 days to completely heal.  Prophylactically we dosed our two 12-18 pound puppies, 10 drops of Parvaid, 4x/day for 5 days.  All 5 dogs have proven to have immunity to parvo, as when treating the 22 other puppies people brought us below, ours never got parvo again, even when dealing with others' puppies who had the F-Strain Parvo Virus, which our own puppies did not have.  We had heard that once a dog recovers from canine parvo virus, they should never get it again, so we didn't bother to disinfect our shoes or clothing when working with others' parvo puppies and then going outside to play with our own.

Since then, others have brought us 22 other parvo puppies hoping we could help their puppies heal in our home, as we helped our own.   Parvaid helped heal 21 out of 22.  Worst puppies took 3.5 days to completely heal.

The following items are recommended to be used in conjunction with Parvaid to assist healing parvo puppies. #1 - Pedialyte (or other electrolyte fluid) or plain water. #2 - Syringe(s) - One to administer oral doses and if the puppy is not on IV's or Sub Q fluids, a second syringe or infant enema bag to administer enemas, to prevent dehydration. #3 -  An antibiotic to prevent secondary infection. Any antibiotic will do, though we personally prefer colloidal silver or Vibactra Plus as all of these natural antimicrobials are known to kill viruses as well as bacteria and fungii.  IF you are not completely certain your dog has canine parvo virus, we recommend obtaining Vibactra Plus as it helps treat parvo virus imitators like campylobacter and coccidia.

Please note, excellent success has also been reported in healing goats of gas bloat (NOT impaction) and scours (unrelated to excessive worms), quickly.  One customer who had lost numerous goats to bloat with traditional treatment prior to obtaining Parvaid, advised she has not lost another goat to bloat when using Parvaid.  We have noted, in our own kids, who overate and got bloat and/or scours, only 15-20 drops given once had them back to eating and running around again.  Parvaid worked excellent for a neighbor's horse with gas colic.  Six full droppers and the horse, "Whisper", was perky and eating within 20 minutes, just prior to the mobile vets arrival, along with other horses and foals with gas colic. Parvaid is excellent for foals that fail to thrive, no appetite, scours, foaming at the mouth, etc.

We recommend EVERYONE that has a dog or puppy on their premises to have a bottle of Parvaid on hand just incase.  Many Parvaid customers who bought Parvaid as "Parvo Insurance", but didn't need it for a parvo puppy of their own have been able to lend, give, or sell their bottle of Parvaid to someone close to them, when they needed it right away to treat their parvo puppy.  Parvaid has a shelf life of 4 years, longer if kept in the refrigerator or a cool dark place.

Parvaid is excellent for the simple things, like upset tummy, vomiting, diarrhea, and fabulous for the more serious diseases such as Parvo virus and Distemper.  People have added 2-15 drops of Parvaid to each puppy bottle feeding, when puppy appetite(s) and bowel movement(s) were not satisfactory even after trying traditional vet meds that weren't helping (aka failure to thrive or fading puppy syndrome).  We add 10-15 drops of Parvaid to each newborn bottle fed goat kids bottle feedings, to prevent upset tummies and scouring. Works great!  We've never had a kid with an off stool since adding Parvaid to each bottle feeding.  It is better to have it on hand and never need it, than to wait until you need it in an emergency situation to obtain it.  We've had customers pay Federal Express shipping of $398.00 to have two bottles of Parvaid delivered next day Sunday morning delivery just one state away.  Don't wait for an emergency to occur, buy it now.  Shelf life is 4 years, longer if kept in a cool dark place, such as your refrigerator.  It's excellent for all intestinal disease, including the human flu.

When we needed Parvaid May 2001, we discovered it too late to help our 15 month old great pyr rescue who died of parvo and our 8 week old alpha male pup who the vet advised he wouldn't even bother to try and save, so we allowed him to euthanize him.  Thankfully, Kelly Beers (thank you KELLY!), e-mailed us info about Parvaid late that same evening.  We drove 5 hours round trip at midnight to obtain it from Pat Weissleader (thank you PAT for tolerating us so late and being there when we needed you!). Parvaid saved OUR lives as well as our puppies!  Because of these wonderful cyberspace people who helped us, when we needed help desperately, we make it a point to be there for others parvo virus puppies. So long as we hear the phone, we will answer and if not, we will call you back.

If you need Parvaid right away, please check our Parvaid Retailer page below, to see if you can find Parvaid near you.  The sooner you can get the Parvaid, the greater the chance your puppy will recover quickly.  If you can't find a retailer near you, please call us at (951) 674-0921.  We can give you an emergency herbal tea recipe to administer until you can obtain the Parvaid.

WHAT ABOUT THAT PARVOGUARD? ~ Parvoguard appeared on the internet in April 2004. Here is some info others have sent us about this company:

1. Pesticide Info scroll towards the bottom of the page.  This product is a kennel disinfectant that is labeled as over 300 different products.

2. http://www.licerx.com/

3. http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/ripoff137787.htm

PARVAID has been on the internet since 1997.  Parvaid is available in many retail stores and veterinarians are using it.  Amber Tech, the makers of Parvaid is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

For more info about Parvaid, please go to our Parvaid Information Page

For information on our experience and information on healing parvo puppies, please go to our Healing Parvo Puppies Page

To buy Parvaid at a Retailer near you Click Here.



PARVO PUPPY CONSULTATIONS ~ Most parvo puppies are relatively easy to heal by just keeping up the hourly doses of Parvaid and electrolyte fluid and 4x/day doses of Vibactra Plus.  Within as little as 6 hours, some puppies are already eating, worst case scenarios generally take 48 hours of round the clock, every hour on the hour dosing, until they are 110% well again.

I have contributed endless hours on the phone with parvo puppy guardians for the past 6 years, 365 days/year, at all hours of the day and night, free of charge. 

Of course, the goal is for all puppies to survive parvo and be healthy again, but this has also consumed my life to the point of not being able to sit down to a normal dinner during the holidays (pups are ALWAYS sick on holidays) and it "stops" my life to a large degree as it is difficult to talk to someone on the phone while trying to shop in the store and do normal tasks, including running my business and taking care of my own animal guardians, so I literally shut down what I am doing for these emergency calls. 

Due to the high volume of calls we receive and the fact that I have NO days or time off from this work, as of today, February 21, 2007, I am charging $20.00 per fifteen minute consultation for all parvo calls or e-mails.  Unfortunately, I realize some of the tougher parvo cases and especially those that either don't have parvo at all or have a combination of parvo and another disease, many customers will not want to pay for these services, which means some puppies will be lost in the process.  Hopefully, YOUR case will be a simple one and for those needing "extra" care they will be willing to pay a few dollars, just as they would if they called their veterinarian for a consultation.

Parvo is our specialty.  I have provided LOTS of information, guidance, and experience in working with parvo puppies.  PLEASE, PLEASE, read this information.  Parvaid & Vibactra Plus have healed parvo puppies, even after traditional vets had given up on them after 4 or 5 days on IV's and the puppy owner REFUSED to give up on their puppy so took them home to administer Parvaid & Vibactra Plus, against their vet's recommendations of course and many, but not all are eating within 24 hours.

BUT there are some cases that are tougher:

a.  Those with excessive worm loads.
b.  Those with aflatoxin poisoning from kibbles that have been recalled.
c.  Those with salmonella poisoning which can be gotten from mouse, rat, or bird feces in the yard or bad poultry - chicken, turkey, etc.
d.  Those with severely inflamed intestinal tracts that can COMPLETELY close up, which is NOT normal, but it occurs in some puppies who have been overly subjected to chemical wormers and sometimes vaccinations.
e.  Those whose liver is thrashed from the chemical wormers, vacc's, poisoning and upon autopsy show the liver had turned to mush.

It has been my experience that IF the diagnosis is correctly made and most often the puppy's history and sometimes the history of the parents can help determine where there are issues that need to be dealt with to help the puppy get well.

Again, most of the information you should need is on our Healing Parvo - Home or Vet Web Page.  MOST parvo cases are recovered within 48 hours of dosing with Parvaid & Vibactra Plus, some are sooner.  For those who think their puppy may have other issues, if you can't find the answers on this webpage, we recommend calling us.  ALL parvo or parvo imitator puppies are healable, some just need a little more help than others.

IF you feel the need to contact us, we will need the following information:

1.  Age and weight of puppy
2.  Worming (and whether you've seen worms in the stool or vomit) and vaccination history
3.  Type of food you normally feed your puppy
4.  Puppy's current rectal temperature
5.  Frequency, consistency, smell, and color of puppy's bowel movements
6.  Color of puppy's gums and results of the skin hydration pinch test
7.  Frequency, consistency, smell, and color of puppy's vomiting

To purchase a block of parvo or parvo imitator consultation time, click
HERE.. Then call us (951) 674-0921 OR E-Mail Us.

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