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Fancy recovered from parvo with Parvaid & Vibactra Plus!

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Testimonials II - Recovered Parvo Puppies

The following are unaltered, and unedited email testimonials from happy pet owners who have used PARVAID´┐Ż to help their beloved puppy recover from Parvo.

Marley recovered from parvo with Parvaid & Vibactra Plus!

You may not remember me but about 9-10 months ago or so u helped me through the night to pretty much save my puppy Marley's life when he was very sick from parvo. just wanted to say thank you again and send you a picture of our healthy big boy Marley.

Thanks again, Zach and Kate

I am writing to let you what a Godsend Parvaid has been, we first found out that our 6 month old pit bull, Eve, had contracted the parvo virus; naturally we rushed her to the vet to see what we could do to save her. He said that we leave her and pay $345 a night for four days to treat her but he couldn't guarantee that she would survive, so we had decided to go ahead and put her to sleep until my cousin came across your web site, we called to get some more information and who ever we spoke gave us the recipe for the home made tea to hold her off until the Parvaid arrived, needless to say that she didn't even need the actual Parvaid the homemade tea worked just well.  

 Several months later we bread Eve, she had 9 beautiful little pits, we kept one, and again our first fear seemed to be happening again, Torque too contracted the virus. We had the recipe for the homemade tea and when we were returned the Parvaid from a friend began to administer it to him. He is doing so well.

  A year later Eve had puppies again and once more our fear was coming true, K'os (Chaos) had contracted the virus from playing in the park, but still we had the tea recipe and the Parvaid.

 Today Eve, Torque, and K'os are doing very well and are as happy as ever, I thank you, the researchers, the scientists and whom ever had a part in finding this cure. Our family would not be the same if our beloved dogs weren't alive.

With great appreciation, We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

Thank you,

Bianca, Steven, Nina & Joe
(dogs) Eve, Torque & K'os

1.) Eve 2.) K'os 3.) Torque

From: <gerclarke@>
Subject: Simon


Well, I must have had some sort of premonition when I felt that I needed to order that Parvaid from you.  I came down to LA over New Years to visit family and friends (including Monica Stoner, my dogs' breeder).  Simon, my 9 month old saluki seems to have come down with the parvo strain that infected his whole litter a couple of months ago.

Thankfully, Monica is equipped with all the various meds that you turned her on to.  We've got Simon's temp down to normal and his hydration is good after the oral and enema treatments.  He never got to the vomiting stage and he is beginning to take small amounts of food.

Thank you so much for all your help.  I don't know what I would have done without yours and Monica's support!

Geraldine Clarke"

From: "Cindy Morales"
To: "'Julie @ Wolf Creek'"
Subject: Hello

Hi Julie,

Thanks for calling me back.  I had not had a change to e-mail due to some family emergencies.  Anyway, your daughter was very informative and helpful when I called to thank you.  My poodle puppy is doing great!  My daughter and I were so afraid he was not going to make it then we started the tea and the rest is history!

I wonder if you could clue me into a few books I can get on natural health/feeding, etc for dogs.  I also have two other dogs, both large mixed shepards, one is 8, the other 5 (I think...she was a rescue).

Thanks again!

Cindy Morales

From: "rosa chaidez"
Subject: Re: Parvaid

" Hi Julie,

When I got home from work on Thursday the Parvaid was finally there and I ended up Staying with him all through the weekend.  He's doing great though!  I'm soo excited because the Parvaid really worked... and it only took until Friday for him to start getting better.  He's eating now and playing and totally normal... thank you soo much for all your help!  If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been giving him the enemas even, which really helped to sustain him for the few day before I received the Parvaid. Thank you for being soo nice and helpful... :)


From: HeavenlyAngelAZ
Subject: Re: Parvaid


That email brings tears to my eyes.  It's funny because I told my husband today we have to get a good photo of Lou and the kids to send you in the mail so you can always have it.  I will always believe that Parvaid saved his life.  I still believe he would have died Friday night had the Parvaid not arrived and the enemas started. It made all of the difference in the world. I  actually took Lou to the vet on my lunch break today.  The vet techs were floored when we walked in with him.  They told me since April 1st in that office they've lost 19 dogs to Parvo.  They have only seen 6 dogs diagnosed live and the other 5 were all hospitalized and didn't recover the way that Lou did.  I told them allll about Parvaid and everything that we did.  Our vet wrote the name down and told me "He must not have had it that bad, I'm sure it wasn't the Parvaid that healed him."  My husband told her Baloney! :) He was awful on Friday.  He wouldn't even open his eyes.  And today he's all over the house and all over us.  I took a few photo's out back when I got home a bit ago.  Lou was ready to go play with the kids so I snapped a few for you.  Not that great but we haven't even unpacked all the way yet so our nice camera is yet to be found.  After we moved in our shih tzu Darla was killed by our neighbor's pit bull.  We got Princess and already had Lou.  When he got sick I couldn't let him die. We couldn't go through that again.  We're not even close to being over Darla's death.  If it weren't for you and Parvaid I wouldn't be crying happy tears right now.  So I hope you get this.  This is our Lou.  No where near skeletal or dehydrated looking now, playing with his ball and wanting LOTS OF FOOD! :)  My son Max is 5 and my daughter Kaitlyn is 11.  They are soooooo happy Lou is doing better.  There are no words to express that at all!


From: Pam Parsons
Subject: Pictures of Rusty (our parvo pup)

"I just spoke to you a minute ago... just as I was about to send this :-) Hope you enjoy the pics!

Hi Julie!

Rusty is still much improved - thanks again SO MUCH for the tea recipe!  It seems to be working; still no diarreah or vomiting.  We are still waiting for the Parvaid, and am curious if you sent it UPS/Postal/etc as we already recieved the mail today.
Thank you for the directions on how to administer the Parvaid once we do get it.  I attached some pictures of Rusty that we took today.

Thanks again and am looking forward to hearing from you :-)


"Remember me I had the parvo puppy out in Bloomington.....he is doing  well....  Puppy is very healthy will email a pic soon still no idea what he is we think sharpei and ???????
thanks a bunch

Thank you a thousand times over!!  My puppy, Fancy, has no signs of Parvo just 36 hours after starting Parvaid!!!  Yesterday morning she was extremely weak, vomiting, watery diarrhea, miserable!  Tonight she is running around and playing, her IV has been disconnected, she's eating, no vomiting, and already she just pooped and her stools are completely normal!  I am a registered veterinary technician and have seen hundreds of Parvo puppies treated the usual way with fluids, antibiotics, vitamin B, and drugs to help with vomiting. 
Never in all of my years and all of the cases have I seen a puppy make such a rapid recovery.  I am so excited about Parvaid, you have a believer for life!!
I may be interested in becoming a distributor, could you send me some more information?

Tara Kayali

Our thanks to all who have contributed testimonials!!

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