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Natural Senior Pet Health

There are many excellent natural ways to keep senior pets healthy, strong, and disease free. This page will tell you many of the things that can be done to help keep your best friends healthy, happy, and long lived, so you can enjoy their healthy companionship for as long as possible. Do not accept the status quo as to the longevity of a particular breed of animal, because many many pets far outlive the normal standards, by 5 or more years with mindful care.

Let's start at the top:


#1 Diet is number one!

The food your pet consumes each and every day can help promote or deteriorate your pet's health. Feeding species appropriate nutrition will help promote optimal health and prevent disease. We have been feeding species appropriate nutrition (aka raw meat and bones) to our canines and felines since 1998. When those pet food recalls occur, some people have lost every dog and cat they owned to the recalled foods! Others have gotten severely ill after eating one small can of the recalled pet food, incurring weeks of vet bills, and miserability for the pet and human. Human grade raw food is not recalled as often as traditional dry kibble and canned pet foods. Lots of canine and feline nutrition information is here: Animal Nutrition. If you cannot feed a raw diet, please at least consider cooking your senior pet's food, instead of purchasing a bag or can of pet food.


#2   Appropriate Weight

Senior pets can suffer from the same weight related ailments people do. Though many people feel a healthy pet is an overweight pet, it is a detriment to our pets to be overweight, just the same as it is for us to be overweight. Excess weight puts more strain on the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, legs, joints, etc. Excess weight contributes to a shorter life expectancy and a much greater chance pets will suffer from arthritis, heart disease, skin conditions, asthma, etc.

IF your pet is overweight, consider some of the following tips to help them lose weight:


#3    Organic Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Proper supplements help keep the body in balance. The following organic supplements can help nourish the body, brain, skin, etc. Probiotics and enzymes help digest and properly assimilate the food you are feeding and often make a huge difference in the health of your companions.


#4 Chemical Flea & Tick Preventatives -NO!!!  


#6   Fresh Water

Be sure to change your pet's water bowl daily. Plenty of clean pure fresh water is essential to pet health just as it is for people. Preferably do not give city tap water.


#7  The Great Outdoors

Make sure your pet gets plenty of good healthy exercise. Senior pet's should be walking, running, and playing up until the day they die. For healthful longevity, daily exercise is essential for us and our pets, so make time to get both of you out for a daily walk.


#8  Aches & Pains of Aging

Sometimes older pets have mobility issues which hamper their comfortability and exercise levels. This can make their health decline more quickly. Some excellent natural alternatives to help alleviate arthritis, inflammation, aches, and pain are:


#9   Keeping the Immune System Healthy

Keeping the immune system strong and healthy helps assure your senior pet lives a long healthy life. Providing excellent nutrition, supplements, and as few toxins as possible are optimum. Detoxing your senior pets body at least once/year, if not once every six months can keep their bodies functioning in optimum condition, so they have a greater chance of dying of old age, versus of dying from disease.


#10   Vaccinations

Most pets have been vaccinated regularly. If your pet has ever had a reaction to a vaccination, which is usually seen within a minute to 3 months after being vaccinated, check with your county to see if they will accept rabies titers in lieu of the rabies vaccine OR a health exemption letter from your veterinarian stating that the rabies vaccine is detrimental to the health of your pet. Dr. Jean Dodd's is a veterinary immunologist currently working on the 7 Year Rabies Challenge Study. For more information about pet vaccines and Dr. Dodd's study, please go to our Animal Vaccines web page.

Life Cell Support is excellent for pets who have had reactions to vaccines, as well as those who are going to be vaccinated or wormed. Give 3x/day for 30 days.


#11 If your senior pet has bad breath, teeth, plaque, or ear health issues, the following can be excellent:


This site is dedicated to all animals and their guardians. Whether you are here to find information and links to research holistic methods or just browsing, please feel free to linger as long as you wish.

The information on this web site is not intended as a substitute for the advice of a physician or veterinarian. This information is not intended as a substitute for the reader's independent judgment and personal responsibility. Health issues are far too important to delegate to anyone else. It is highly recommended you research and seek information and counsel from as wide a variety of sources as possible, so you can make well informed educated decisions about you, your child's, or your pet's health, as in the end YOU make the decisions.

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